You Should Attend Lakehub Talks

Ever been to any of our talks? After every session you feel so pumped up with inspiration. You feel like you could burst out and fill the earth with your business ideas because you have been told not to fear failure. It is in this moment when everything that has been holding you back suddenly disappears and your concepts unexpectedly come to life. And you’re like, “I must start up something soon. Nothing can hold me now”. At least that’s what most people here at Lakehub feel after every talk.

Personally, I’ve attended two by @Nyimbi and they were fulfilling and uplifting and inspiring. And I was there staring at the faces of the listeners and seeing hope and joy write itself on them as the words by Nyimbi sunk deep. I bet you 5 startups that were holding themselves back took the long shot right after that talk.

See a couple of things hold us back every time we want to venture into new things. We are scared of the unknown, we fear failing, we are not sure if we’ll get the funding, we need inspiration, we want people who believe in us, we want a smooth ride, we want things to work out and blah. But the world is not a wish-granting factory (got that from a movie). You are not going to start if you sit back and wish for all that. If wishes worked just like that without effort and hard work, Kenya would be so different right now and I’d be president! Ha!

Hard work, however, doesn’t guarantee you easy success. It is more of being smart. Being clear and clever.

You first need to start. For things to work out you will definitely need to start. You may fail or you may succeed with your venture but all these becomes clear when you start. There is no bad idea. There is no good idea. There are only executed ideas. And success is only seen after the idea is executed. You might laugh at this but think of an app called Yo. All it did was send the message “Yo” to your friends. Yet it got well over $10 Million in funding.  Now compare that to the thousands of apps in Kenya that are more useful and meaningful yet very few receive funding. No idea is bad. Your success awaits.

Do not fear failing. This is a funny bit. It is in every human being to fear failure. And yet here when venturing into business you have to be ready to fail. And how do you prepare yourself for failure? By minimising the cost of failure. Do not put so much into an idea that is not yet properly visualised such that when everything comes crumbling down you lose a lot. Curtailing the cost of failure goes so far in acting as a cushion and making sure you rise again. And success is in the number of times we rise up after failing, right?

Working ideas will always get funding. This is not a lie. Maybe you are not getting funding right now and you’re wondering whether or not your idea is working. This is what that line means: When you have good proposals and you have given an idea your all and there’s something people can see already working out they’ll definitely fund it. People won’t fund you without you proving something is already working. Nobody wants to throw money on ideas, I think, they’ll rather throw money on prototypes or already started businesses. Plus if you are involved in groups and hubs you’ll always have encouragement from fellows and your ideas will be boosted and made better. And from these hubs you’ll sure get funding. Groups work better than individuals. So join in and work together.

Your idea is not unique. That one is rude? But it is the truth. If you have an idea execute it as soon as possible because in less than a week someone else will have it and it will no longer be valid. Don’t sit on your thoughts thinking the world will sit on them too. The world is always on the run. Be on the run with your thoughts too. Hold them back to yourself and you’ll find them already executed by others. And don’t feel like sharing your ideas with people is wrong. In fact, sharing them makes them better every single time. Feel free to be open with your ideas in the groups you belong to and with every contribution from people you’ll get better. True.

There’s much more. Much, much more. Feel free to sit through some of the talks we have here. Welcome to Lakehub. Plus if you have encouragement written in your soul (and face maybe) join us over and share with us your light. Your talks are all welcome. We will listen to them and we will learn from them.

Life is a journey where you stumble and fall and rise up and move on. Start where you are. Use what you have. And do what you can when you still can. Stop waiting for everything to be “ready”. We should use that as our motto aye?

Written by @DicksonOtieno


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