Kids Code Camp

We realised the holiday will be a long one for the primary school kids. They need something to do that is out of the school syllabus (tuitions suck because you just do the same math) , something that will develop their thinking, something that will be fun for them.  What about making the kids start reasoning like a computer? Think in terms of computer logic. Maybe we could make them code a game then play it. Viola! We have it, lets make them code the game. So this is how it happened

We sent out to parents and colleagues who had siblings and kids to bring them for the above; am sorry some of them thought I was going to teach the kid how to move a mouse, who still does that. Its 2015! Its in born!!



I wish to summarise everything that happened.

The kids would program some two characters, give them instructions on what to do when a certain condition is met. This little character, call him X would go into a maze looking for a lost brother then take the bro home. You have to program everything from the controls i.e the keyboard for our case to when X dies in case he is shot after a number of bullets. I sincerely still cant tell the more fun part between programming it and playing it. I enjoyed both parts.




The fun part to me was when this little girl Brena decided to disassemble the system unit while her mum was watching. she removed every single thing ( ram, power cables, hard disk, dvd drive) then successfully reassembled. This girl had not used a computer prior to coming to the camp. Meaning this was her 5th day with a computer.

So what??

  1. The girls (Brena, Betty and Euphracia)  from Arya Primary have been put in charge of the computer lab. They will be the “ICT ambassadors of Arya Primary School”
  2. The three girls will take part in a competition known as technovation, they will probably be the youngest in the competition and is sponsored by the Google, Oracle, Intel and many others as listed in the website.
  3. The kids will be attending relevant lakehub events for more exposure
  4. Every kid was given a dedicated mentor to take them through for the next few years in life.

A big thank you:

In no particular order:

  1. Bonface Ochieng
  2. Moses Oiro
  3. Reinhard Omukumba
  4. Dorcas Adhiambo
  5. StellaMaris Njage
  6. Cynthia Anyango
  7. Sigu Magwa
  8. Chris Odhis



  1. Joseph Ochich 3 years ago

    Very very encouraging keep it up guys, sky is not the limit but the beginning. Merry Xmas 2015.

    • Author
      Sigu Magwa 3 years ago

      Thanks Joseph. We always try to do and be the best. Merry Christmas to you too

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