Rails Girls is coming to Kisumu

Ladies! Ladies! Rails Girls is coming to Kisumu

Good news ladies,we are calling for all female developers whether you are a veteran developer or just starting out,or maybe curious about Ruby on Rails,this is a workshop for you.

This will be a  harassment-free learning experience for everyone, regardless of gender or skills levels (beginner,intermediate or advanced). Men are also welcomed to attend our events and are highly encouraged to bring a female friend with them.

About Rails girls community

Rails girls community aims at giving tools and creating a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. Rails girls does this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable. With this reason we would like to invite all the ladies in the western region of Kenya to attend a one day training that will be awesome and informative.



Rails girls is a worldwide community and it provides awesome opportunities for women e.g the rails summer of code internship, this internship happens every summer and after the internship if you hardworking enough you get to work on the most awesome companies there is. Rails girls also gives people opportunity to attend conferences in different parts of the world e.g Berlin, Colombia, Philippines, Austria, Chile etc there is also the job opportunities and networks!!


We are extending this invitation to all the ladies from the western region.


Snacks and Drinks to be served!!!

Sign Up HERE to attend


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