48hrs of Hacking for Wellness in Kisumu – #UzimaHack

mark your calendars

Every day tens of young men and women from Kisumu town and beyond flock into LakeHub to quench their thirst for technology. This has pushed the demand for more tech-intensive programs and events that are tailored to suit most of your tech-education needs.

We are hereby announcing yet another hackathon; a bigger and more code-focused, led by the Moi University Institute of Biomedical Informatics mUzima team. It shall run for 48hrs! Sign up here.

About mUzima
mUzima is an adaptable, open source, android-based mHealth platform whose current version interoperates seamlessly with the OpenMRS™ Electronic Health Record System. Many members of the community are now familiar with OpenMRS platform. If you do not, check their website.

Demo screenshot of the mUzima Andorid app

The mUzima framework is customizable for use by providers. The system has key customizable tabs that make up the landing screen of the application.

  1. The ‘Cohort’ tab groups patients based on criteria defined in OpenMRS server – a cohort could be a group of patients a provider needs to follow or members of a family who were registered as a unit.
  2. The ‘Client’ tab allows the user to delve into details on each individual’s details.
  3. The ‘Forms’ tab allows for downloading of a selected data collection form that will be used for filling of client-level information.
  4. The ‘Notification’ tab can be used for secure messaging between the different users of the application.

Where can we apply the mUzima solution?

  • mUzima Clinic – Data collection/retrieval in both online and offline settings, especially in remote area where care services are provided by frontline health workers.
  • mUzima Device Management and Security – Managing device and device user with extra security measurements to safeguard the client’s data.
  • mUzima Media Management – Provide standardized health-related materials through client friendly pdf and videos.
  • mUzima Clinician Assistant App – Provide guidance to clinicians through app based on the clinical guideline/protocols
  • mUzima eLearning – Provide standardized eLearning materials to health workers
  • mUzima TeleConsultation – Frontline health workers can submit consultancy request and Consultants can provide evaluation/recommendation remotely.

Check the mUzima blog and see how the platform is helping save lives.

About the hackathon
#UzimaHack is an opportunity for programmers to get exposure to mobile health technology. You will also be inducted into the mUzima open source community to work together to serve those who cannot receive medical services at clinic/hospital. During the hackathon, programmers shall work in teams to solve some exciting challenge on the platform and winners shall receive prizes of up to KES 50,000/=.

Of course, there’ll be loads of snacks and delicious food to keep y’all fully energized throughout the hackathon.

Get prepared.
The two-day event is open to anyone in campus or already pursuing a career as a programmer. If you have some entry-level programming skills in Java or Android, you are a best-fit apply here.

Follow @mUzimamobile and @LakeHub on Twitter and participate in the conversation on #UzimaHack.
We shall be in touch!


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