Traction Camp Event: Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies Infosession

Getting customers is often easy. Keeping them happy?

Now, that’s a whole different strategy. The business world is tricky to navigate, it is crucial to build yourself a loyal base of clients and customers so that you don’t flounder. These customers, especially early adopters become ambassadors of you brand and product.

The iHub in partnership with LakeHub will conduct a session titled “Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies” at LakeHub on 10th September from 4 – 6 pm.

The session which is under the Traction Camp program, will focus on ways to get customers, keep them and attract new customers.

The workshop will be an eye-opener for the entrepreneurs especially those who are starting out.

Traction Camp is a regional acceleration program aimed at nurturing startups in East Africa, so as to create globally competitive, growth-oriented, mobile and digital technology businesses.

The program is supported by the World Bank Group’s infoDev program and the governments of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Kenya.

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