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Fashion is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide, creating a huge pool of creators who shape style and design across the wide human population, everywhere in the world.

Fashion houses as Zara, Givenchy, Gucci among others have cemented their names by creating bespoke fashion trends emulated and celebrated across the world, and in the various fashion platforms as Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week among other high level fashion events worldwide.

All these events have seen the nurturing of new trends and ideals exported across the world as the new sensation and style of the year/seasons.

It is for this reason that LakeHub and Hivos have partnered to bring to Kisumu one of a kind fashion makers class to help develop new age couture fashion trends and styles.

Western Kenya and Kisumu region for that matter, have been known to produce some of the best fashion designers in Kenya, viz: Lucy Rao of Rialto Fashions, Akinyi Odongo among others. Thus, it is no surprise that this class will be very important in identifying new designers and equip them with the tools and skills of trade to be the next generation of topnotch high fashion designers in Kenya.

All you need to apply is a pure basic tailoring skill and the urge to learn about commercial fashion design.

If you’d like to join this class, then, apply for this 3 month creative enterprise training and support by best mentors you’ll ever get in the fashion industry.

Call +254774440004 and also register via the link below, today:



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