Bridging the digital divide, by empowering youths through technology. We offer workshops, camps and after schools programs for kids and teens.


Code9ty in an interactive and diverse program that involves intense coding for 90 consecutive days. You get to keep track of your daily progress using the useful version control software-Git. All this sums up to 90 days of supercharging your brains with technologies that will make you one of the best rails developers around


DALAbs (Digital Arts Labs) is a LakeHub initiative supported by Hivos International-East Africa targeting creative community in Western Kenya. Creatives in Kenya especially the art and culture sector is characterized by a large pool of young multi-talented artists. Many of these creatives not only are making incomes by engaging in different art forms, but also have become key agents for social change in the society through civic education, information and communication using their various work of creatives.




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